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Long ago a ravine flowed through the heart of ThunderClan territory. Now, uncountable seasons later, it has dried up and become what is known as their camp. Protected by numerous amounts of vegetation and thorn their home is considered easily defended. Even the well trodden entrance, a gorse tunnel, is well guarded.
Welcome to the forest! Here the ground is forest soft and the large deciduous trees reach up toward the sky. Their deep rooted home also includes the well disputed Sunningrocks, adder-infested rocks of Snakerocks and the eerily shudder inducing area known as Tallpines.
ThunderClan has two borders that they patrol consistently,. One border meets at Sunningrocks with RiverClan, which later tapers off into the rushing river. Sunningrocks is a place tainted by continuous fighting that seems deeply ingrained. The second border includes the rushing Thunderpath with ShadowClan. Though this area can be dangerous patrols are sent out daily to be renewed.


In the heart of RiverClan territory is a strategically placed camp surrounded by reeds and water. The cats within make their homes in tangles of reeds and strange shiny objects woven into the protective edges.Though on a little island the waters usually remain low and are easily traversed. However, when the ice from newleaf melts, the water rises and cats find themselves having to swim or move camp completely,
While the rushing force of the river shapes the majority of this water based Clan, their home does include an open area that they share with the farm they neighbor with. While the rest of their home includes some little spurts of trees, different pond areas and little reed islands.
Like all Clans RiverClan renews their scent markers daily at two borders. One with their neighbors of ThunderClan to their right, while the other consists of WindClan. Luckily both borders are marked by the rushing river that cuts through their territory. Their border with ThunderClan weaves around Sunningrocks, Stepping stones and moves along the line of the river. While the border with WindClan is marked by the falls and the dizzy drop called the gorge.


In a strange dip in the earth and hidden by a surrounding barrier of gorse is the home of WindClan. Long ago there was once an old legend that says the camp was merely scooped out with a giant paw. Unlike most Clan homes there are no proper dens here; this Clan enjoys sleeping beneath the open sky unless bad weather permits otherwise.
This incredible territory appears closest to silverpelt and StarClan above, at least that's what WindClan believes. Their home consists of what appears to be endless stretches of rolling moorland and stars, The course grass below and the small bushes that dot the land make homes for various prey living here.
WindClan's borders end after their open expanse of territory first at the Thunderpath, and then with the Clan to their right. Their first border is marked with ShadowClan at the frightening rumble of the Thunderpath,, while with RiverClan their border meets at the deep gouge within the earth called the gorge.


The camp that houses what most cats call the cold-hearted Clan is protected by wreaths of brambles and thorns, while the entrance is a well hidden tiny path. Inside consists of cool, muddy earth which is very similar to the territory around them. The well hidden camp consists of bramble, thorn bushes and boulders which make up their nests.
ShadowClan makes up their home in what appears to be a rather sparse dwelling. Their territory is ever-damp under paw and seemingly carpeted with hundreds of pine needles. Marshland spreads as far as the eye can see, with a few spurts of pine forest thrown into the mix. Deep bogs fill the earth here as well, with trees that are much lower to the earth.
The dark marshland of ShadowClan is split by the dark swath of thunderpath. Their borders with ThunderClan are at the thickest part of the thunderpath, as well as the small area the thunderpath tunnel lays. Their border with WindClan, however, is where some of their trees grow along the edge of the path. This area is more narrow and kiddy corner to the WindClan moors.

Sacred Territories!

Where all four clans meet once a moon is marked by a group of four massive oak trees. They are located in a small dip within the forest, a hollow, where each Clan settles in order to speak of the news within the forest. In the clearing is a large protruding stone known as the Great Rock. This is where leaders address those below.
Here an old abandoned mine is made up of tall jagged peaks that surround a frighteningly dark cave that opens into the deep depths below. Deep within is the shiny crystal rock that reflects the starlight from above. Leaders and Medicine Cats travel here in order to share dreams with their beloved ancestors.

The Great Beyond!

Stretching across the sky are millions of bright flaming stars. Each star swirls within the dark blue depths known as the silverpelt. These are the skies the Clan's warrior ancestors dwell. Their starry home mimics the places they once loved from below. Giving them all a place to gather together to watch over their loved ones.
A place of ethereal beauty, almost haunting and enchanting in its own way. Even StarClan does not command all of the Milky way for it top must end. This is the hunting ground of those who have passed ignorant of Clan ways. Loners, rogues and even kittypets rest for eternity here in this sky of dreams.
In the ever growing shadows at the edges of StarClan territory is a dark and dreadful forest. Here the trees and chilled earth seem to go on endlessly, with not a star in sight. The ground is wreathed in dark mist and those who wander here are not welcome within StarClan ranks. Only those spirits of evil, cruel nature dwell here and they are doomed to walk alone.

Out Of Clans!

A daunting array of twoleg nests are spread through here where strange creatures live in erect nests. The thriving communities are made up of twolegs, kittypets, dogs and monsters as well. Twoleg place is on the edges of ThunderClan and RiverClan but its bordered by a large fence which most clan cats avoid. Occasionally kittypets are seen balancing upon the fence and staring off into area beyond.
A strange controlled area where twolegs have grown their own trees for various purposes. The monster within can easil be heard by cats who wander near by, and the stench is overwhelming. During green-leaf this area is crawling with numerous twolegs avoided.
A large farm that dwells on the edge of RiverClan territory. It's a beehive of activity and strange animals known as horses are scattered about here. This area is swarmed by other twolegs in green leaf and is generally avoided by Clan cats. Though the occasional kittypet or loner may wander through.
Found on the edge of WindClan territory is another erect twoleg nest. Here it is rumored that a ThunderClan cat once ran away to live with a loner. The barns and surrounding fields are filled with plenty of mice but dogs sometimes run lose here and most Clan cats only pass through on their way to the Highstones.
A large stinking pile of dark ash is spread like a scar throughout the surrounding territory and forest. It's a dangerous area filled with frightening monsters that travel at unknown speeds. Monsters can crush Clan cats with simple ease and many have been known to be injured or killed here. Therefore it is a place of great caution.
A seemingly evil place of waste where twolegs dump their strange trash. Though situated within ShadowClan territory it is generally unused unless in desperation. The only prey to hunt here are rats, which have been well known to carry disease. It is said ShadowClan can tell the difference between those who are tainted or not.
Outside of Clan lands is a place where cats not guided by stars above find homes. Here it is usually populated by cats who don't mind continuously wandering about. Sometimes, though not often, rogues from cities and other surrounding areas come to make homes here. They are not always the friendliest cats and make that well known.
Deep within the depths of the Acre Woods there is a little dip within the earth much like the sandy hollow with a thick barrier of gorse. Some stray cats have made their dens and homes here. Creating an almost clan like hierarchy. Many of the nests are made out of small bushes, different fallen trees and some burrows.

Out of Character!

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